What we do

Raising confident children

We provide mindful and intentional leadership programs that allow participants to reflect on themselves as communal learners, who can problem solve and revitalize the community with a sense of respect, empathy, acceptance and entrepreneurship.

confident children

Developing transformational leaders

Strong educators make strong students and strong communities. We offer culturally Responsive Equity Instruction for educators. The aim is to help  educators to understand the impact they have on students from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds and how to address their needs. We help families, especially those new to the country to understand and navigate the school system and collaborate with their children’s educators.

Promoting multilingualism

We value communication and we believe language is an important  aspect of diversity. Multilingualism promotes flexibility and innovative thinking. It helps us better understand our own culture and that of others. Our language institute offers a variety of language learning opportunities to anybody interested.

Change a child's life today